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Affordable Professional School Placement Help

We’ll help you find the right school at the right cost with the right help for a child who has special needs, or has special abilities that are not met at the current school. We know the best schools who offer help to children with ADD, ADHD, ODD, LD and many other disorders, including schools with music, art, science, history, dance, writing, computers.

Parents may consider alternatives to their child’s current school for a variety of reasons: the need for individualized attention; the desire for more structure and discipline to learn better work habits and study skills; or the dissatisfaction with the quality of current school. We as Educational Consultants are prepared to advise families on the opportunities available for students to be matched with the right and best school. The choice is always yours but we provide you with the most appropriate choices, representing each school fairly and representing your child clearly to the schools.

Steve Bozak, Educational Consultant

Stephen G. Bozak, M.A. is an Educational Consultant that has specialized in placing students into boarding schools and has been a member of IECA for 20 years. He personally visits boarding schools all over the world to evaluate and help match the needs of the parent and child with a suitable placement.

Finding the right school for children is his passion. A correct choice will enrich and enhance your child’s life, and can greatly impact his or her future. Call Steve Bozak — a surprisingly affordable and caring educational consultant who will help you in choosing the best boarding school for your child.

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What Parents Say About Bozak Educational Services

"Steve, I want to thank you for all of your help and work you have done for my wife and I. Indeed, you know your stuff."
-- Jim (Chicago, Illinois)

"We wanted you to know the immediate and awesome placement saved them from their future. Thank you very much. Very truly yours."
-- John & Beth S. (Phoenix, Arizona)

"I could not have chosen all this with out your help. I am forever grateful. Thank you!"
-- Kevin (Ohio)

"Suzanne and I both really appreciate the input you and Steve have provided, if you ever need a referral from thoroughly pleased & satisfied clients just let us know, you got it. Thanks again."
-- Jerry & Suzanne

"Steve, Just wanted you to know what a wonderful difference you made in our lives over the past year."
-- Tommy (Troy, Michigan)

"Steve, We were very reassured by your really knowing those schools without having to rifle through notes."
-- Loren, (Illinois)

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Should you need help finding residential schools for troubled teens, or all teen boarding schools, or boarding schools for troubled youth, or teen residential treatment centers, or christian boarding schools, or behavioral schools for teens, let us know because we can help.

Educational consultants like Bozak Educational Consultants are multidisciplinary experts who possess comprehensive knowledge in both traditional school options (traditional boarding schools, alternative schools, private schools) and specialty educational and intervention options (therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, emotional growth schools). An educational consultant helps you to discover the right school fit or specialty for your child, whether it is an intervention or a higher level of education than they can receive in a public school. Educational consultants are also called school education consultants, school consultants, professional education consultants, international student consultants, independent school counselors, independent educational consultants, ed consultants, or boarding school consultants.