Often, the needs of a child are not fulfilled at traditional schools. A special needs program can often be beneficial to a teenager or child to help him reach his or her full potential. We specialize in placing children with Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD with Hyperactivity, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, a Learning Disability, or any other special needs your child may have.

If your teen has an addiction to drugs that needs to be addressed, we can help find a suitable drug rehabilitation program to meet the needs of your teen.Alternatively, if your child is more suited for a traditional boarding school, we can advise you for all your options.

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Should you need help finding herapeutic boarding schools for boys or homes for troubled boys or centers for troubled girls or boarding schools for troubled boys or christian troubled boys, please let us know.

Educational consultants like Bozak Educational Consultants are multidisciplinary experts who possess comprehensive knowledge in both traditional school options (traditional boarding schools, alternative schools, private schools) and specialty educational and intervention options (therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, emotional growth schools). An educational consultant helps you to discover the right school fit or specialty for your child, whether it is an intervention or a higher level of education than they can receive in a public school. Educational consultants are also called school education consultants, school consultants, professional education consultants, international student consultants, independent school counselors, independent educational consultants, ed consultants, or boarding school consultants.