We’ll help you find the right school with the right help for a child who has special needs, or has special abilities that are not met at the current school. We know the best schools who offer help to children with ADD, ADHD, ODD, LD and many other disorders, including schools with music, art, science, history, dance, writing, computers. Call us today.

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Listing of all Therapeutic Boarding Schools that we know of. If your school is not listed, or the information needs updating, please contact us. This listing includes therapeutic schools, therapeutic boarding schools, emotional growth schools and therapeutic private schools.

Therapeutic Schools

wdt_IDNameCityStateTelephoneWeb Address
1 Auldern Academy - 3 Springs Pittsboro NC 919-837-2336 http://www.auldern.com
2 Blue Hills Academy Dewey AZ 928-632-8143 http://www.bluehillsacademy.com
3 Bridges Academy Bend OR 888-283-7362 http://www.bridgesboysacademy.com
4 Cascade School Whitmore CA 530-472-3031 http://www.cascadeschool.com
5 CEDU High School Running Springs CA 800-858-1933 http://www.cedu.com
6 CEDU Middle School -- Brown Schools Running Springs CA 800-884-2338 http://www.cedu.com
7 Coronado Academy - Costa Rica Los Suenos Costa Rica 866-981-1300 http://www.coronadoacademy.com
8 Kid Education & Kare Spokane WA 509-328-3391 http://www.kidseducationandkare.com
9 Mid-Pacific Institute Honolulu HI 808-973-5000 http://www.midpac.edu/
10 Mount Bachelor Academy - Aspen Prineville OR 800-462-3404 http://www.mtba.com
wdt_IDNameCityStateTelephoneWeb Address

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Should you need help finding military school high school or therapeutic programs for troubled boys or christian schools for troubled girls or religious boarding schools or residential schools for girls, please let us know.

Educational consultants like Bozak Educational Consultants are multidisciplinary experts who possess comprehensive knowledge in both traditional school options (traditional boarding schools, alternative schools, private schools) and specialty educational and intervention options (therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs, emotional growth schools). An educational consultant helps you to discover the right school fit or specialty for your child, whether it is an intervention or a higher level of education than they can receive in a public school. Educational consultants are also called school education consultants, school consultants, professional education consultants, international student consultants, independent school counselors, independent educational consultants, ed consultants, or boarding school consultants.